ACV prioritizes dynamic packaging, ancillary sales with tech upgrade

ACV prioritizes dynamic packaging, ancillary sales with tech upgrade

MONTREAL — Air Canada Vacations is making good on its promise to overhaul its digital platforms with an upgrade of its ISO platform, to facilitate dynamic packaging as well as ancillary sales.

Air Canada Vacations says it’s upgrading its existing ISO Platform, Ocean, to the new booking engine, Pacific.

The switch will take place over the next 12 months with adaptive integration options for future systems, says ACV, as well as a more user-friendly interface. In tandem, ISO Travel Solutions and Air Canada Vacations will migrate the passenger service system to Amadeus’ Altéa.

Air Canada Vacations’ partnership with ISO Travel Solutions dates back to 2005.

“We’re pleased to continue our longstanding partnership with ISO Travel Solutions,” says Nino Montagnese, ACV’s Managing Director. “The Pacific platform offers us the ultimate flexibility to continue to fulfill the needs of our customers. The streamlined and intuitive booking engine helps us to deliver our carefully curated vacations to our customers for all styles of travel.”

In addition to what ACV says is a scalable and easy-to-use interface for call centres, Pacific also offers features to enable dynamic packaging while managing various travel products with its versatile inventory management system. ACV says the platform also provides distribution strategies with multiple sales channels and allows for adaptive pricing of ancillary sales.

“We are happy to deliver our powerful and proven travel platform, Pacific, to Air Canada Vacations,” says Holger Voss, ISO’s business development director. “The upgrade to Pacific will provide a contemporary, web-based reservation system. Pacific’s advanced features enable Air Canada Vacations to manage, sell and service not only pre- and dynamic-packaged travels, but also FIT, custom tours, cruises groups and more using internal and external connected inventories.”

Last month ACV announced a new initiative aimed at the complete transformation of its digital platforms.

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