ACTA launches online course geared to newer agents

TORONTO — A new online course from ACTA is aimed at boosting the skills and knowledge of newer entrants to the retail travel industry.

‘Travel Agent Essentials’ is a self-paced travel agent training course now available at

The cost is $995, with ACTA members receiving a $100 savings.

“We know that with borders closed and travel advisories in place, travel agents have more time right now for professional development and enhancing their skills,” said Wendy Paradis, President, ACTA. “Travel Agent Essentials is the perfect training tool for newer or intermediate travel agents with less than two years’ experience.”

The course rounds out ACTA’s online training, which also includes full CTC certification for more experienced travel agents. For more information on CTC and CTM courses and designation visit or contact at

“Travel Agent Essentials is an entry-level training course that has been in development for many months, prior to the COVID 19 crisis. We know that the industry will bounce back and that even more consumers will be looking to take advantage of the benefits that a professional travel agent offers,” said Paradis.

Paradis says the Travel Agent Essentials course covers all the core fundamentals of travel, including: travel agency operations, air travel, ground transportation, cruising and land accommodation and packages.

More details can be found at or email

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