From L-R: Zachary Vanasse, PropelTO board member and Bannikin, Creative & Marketing Manager; Pascal Prinz, Vice-Chair ETC Canada Chapter; Dana Welch, Chair ETC Canada Chapter; Julia Dywelski Director of German National Tourist Office; Barbara Couto, Tourist Office of Spain in Canada, Consul for Tourism Affairs; and Amanda Dunning, G Adventures, Brand Partnership Manager

A show of support: PropelTO and ETC host Toronto mixer

TORONTO — In a sign of solidarity amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, PropelTO and the European Travel Commission (ETC) teamed up last night to host a networking mixer in Toronto.

Well attended by representatives from Ireland, Switzerland, Spain and Germany, as well as a wide range of travel industry colleagues, the event allowed guests to mix, mingle and discuss hot topics in travel today, none more pressing than the current outbreak.

“Everyone seems to recognize that this is a trying time for our industry, but it’s great to still see people come together,” said Zachary Vanasse, PropelTO board member and Bannikin, Creative & Marketing Manager. “We’ve been through this type of thing before and we always come out the other side reinvigorated and always with a strong desire to sell and travel to Europe.”

Established in 1948, the ETC aims to position Europe as a major tourism destination by promoting in key long-haul markets. The region enjoyed a 4% increase in tourist arrivals in 2019, its 10th consecutive year of growth.

The ETC focuses on three main areas: research, marketing and advocacy; its website; and social media. Travel industry members are encouraged to read several market research reports available on its website, such as the Quarterly Trends & Prospects Report.

The organization is also promoting its Horizon 2022 Strategy, which organizes its marketing efforts into three niches: Immersive Explorers; Urban & City Life Explorers, and Explorers of Historical Roots. By identifying these three markets, the ETC believes that it will be much easier to promote Europe as a whole, to a wider audience, including Canadians.

“We look forward to continued growth from Canada and thank everyone for their support over the years,” said Dana Welch, Chair of the ETC Canada chapter, as well as Manager-Canada of Tourism Ireland. “This is a key time to work together to promote the heritage, rich culture and, of course, the food and drink.”

At last night’s event, Ireland provided the lively music, Switzerland served up raclette, while Spain and Germany dished out wine and beer, respectively.

For more information go to etc-corporate.org. To stay up to date on future PropelTO events, go to propelto.org.

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