Thursday February 27, 2020
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A passenger demanded a window seat so the flight attendant did this
Credit: @koo_TmS_suke, Twitter

A passenger demanded a window seat so the flight attendant did this

Monday, November 12, 2018

TORONTO — A word to the wise: never mess with a flight attendant.

On a recent flight in Japan, a passenger who had requested a window seat threw a bit of a hissy fit after discovering he was seated in a row without a window.

According to fellow passenger @koo_TmS_suke, who shared his story on Twitter, the unidentified male passenger demanded the crew give him a window seat as they came around for drinks service.

A flight attendant then walked away before returning with a piece of paper. As it turns out, the crew member had drawn a window on the paper, complete with an ocean view and two clouds in the sky.

But that’s not all. The flight attendant went so far as to tape the picture to the wall next to the passenger.

Voila! Automatic window seat.

Twitter reacted in full, with many praising the flight attendant’s quick thinking and creativity. One Twitter user wrote, “That’s really clever” while another said, “Great thinking by the attendant”.

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The airline has not been identified. No word as to whether the seat in question has been upgraded to Premium status due to its newly enhanced views.

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