“A ‘can-do’ spirit is the Uniglobe DNA”: Iconic travel brand marks 40th anniversary
Uniglobe Founder, Chairman & CEO, U. Gary Charlwood and President and COO, Martin Charlwood

“A ‘can-do’ spirit is the Uniglobe DNA”: Iconic travel brand marks 40th anniversary

VANCOUVER — Uniglobe Travel has launched its 40th anniversary with a series of #Uniglobe40Strong events that will kick off with a company-wide webinar broadcast to 3,800 Uniglobe agency professionals across six continents.

The #Uniglobe40Strong events aim to recognize four decades of business success, and to reinforce the company’s vital role in a reimagined travel future, says Uniglobe Founder, Chairman & CEO, U. Gary Charlwood.

“A ‘can-do’ spirit is the Uniglobe DNA”: Iconic travel brand marks 40th anniversary

U. Gary Charlwood, Uniglobe Founder, Chairman and CEO

“Today we reflect on the past and celebrate everyone involved in Uniglobe’s remarkable growth over the past forty years,” he said. “Our mission today is as clear as it was from the beginning: To drive client success through better travel. We will always do everything we can to help our clients build their businesses and thrive.

During its company-wide webinar Uniglobe will debut its 40th anniversary marketing campaign, ‘Putting You First for 40 Years,’ designed to showcase Uniglobe customer success stories throughout 2021 via its social media channels.

A travel industry visionary and global franchising icon, Charlwood founded Uniglobe in 1981 in Vancouver. In February 2020 the company unveiled a new look for its brand.



“The values that defined us 40 years ago continue to drive results today through elevated personal service and unrivalled travel expertise,” said Charlwood. “Today, across 60 countries, Uniglobe professionals help their corporate and leisure clients ‘travel well’ by solving complex problems, finding innovative solutions and caring for every need. This is the hallmark of the Uniglobe family, and it will continue to set us apart for decades to come.”

“A ‘can-do’ spirit is the Uniglobe DNA”: Iconic travel brand marks 40th anniversary


A series of virtual events will recognize company milestones throughout 2021 and will feature guest speakers from across the travel industry.

For now all events will be hosted for Uniglobe agencies and staff members exclusively, however, as COVID-19 pandemic restrictions subside, external (customer, supplier and industry) audiences may be included, according to the company. Industry partners can contact Uniglobe for more information.

“I am proud to represent a company that has stayed true to its foundational values for nearly half a century,” said Martin Charlwood, Uniglobe President & Chief Operating Officer. “Our absolute dedication and passion for travel defines who we are; it’s our essence. Since the company was founded in the 1980s, we have seen many changes disrupt our industry – sometimes to the very core – from commission cuts to volcanic ash to a global pandemic. While we know the travel landscape is constantly changing, we also understand that a resilient, hands-on travel professional serves a vital role in helping travelers navigate all the uncertainties. A ‘can-do’ spirit is the Uniglobe DNA that will guide our company forward the next 40 years and beyond.”

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