5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Power Online

With travel at a standstill, many travel agents and other travel industry professionals are looking for ways to market themselves and stay in front of clients without coming across as tone-deaf. This may be an opportunity to work on improving your website and social media channels. Here are five sure-fire ways to improve your online presence.

1. Create a testimonials page

For anyone who doesn’t already have one, a testimonials page is a great tool for having others sing your praises and help you sell yourself to new clients. Word of mouth is powerful and there’s nothing like having the (positive) two cents of past clients to promote yourself. Plus, while this is a difficult time for everyone, clients who you think are good prospects for a glowing testimonial may have extra time right now to get those thoughts in writing.

2. Become more active in social media

Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and becoming more active on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, for example. You can get those accounts up and running now. You might even increase your visibility, since people are desperate for good content to distract and entertain themselves with all these hours stuck at home. Enhanced social media will help your website as you can include the link to your website in every post. It’s a great way to drive more traffic to your site.

3. Focus on generating really catchy headlines

Some people simply read headlines and only click on or read an article when the headline really grabs their attention. Many blogs and other posts go unread because the headline simply doesn’t compel readers to go deeper. Work on writing better headlines and try not to post something unless you have a real banger of a headline, especially for information that you really, really want people to take notice of and absorb.

4. Make sure your website works well on smartphones too

Many people these days consume the Internet on their smartphones and not just on desktops or laptops. Especially now with so many people working from home. Even if you only have a basic website, it’s important to ensure that it’s accessible and easily viewable across a range of devices. If a website is too hard to navigate and enjoy on the smaller screen of a phone, it’s likely that that consumer will become frustrated and leave the site prematurely.

5. See what your competition is doing

This may sound obvious, but be aware of your competitors’ online presence. And check out not just websites in your industry, but in other industries as well. Great marketing strategies know no boundaries.

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