Wolf Paunic – Vice-President, Sales, Trafalgar Tours Canada
Wolf Paunic – Vice-President, Sales, Trafalgar Tours Canada

Wolf Paunic – Vice-President, Sales, Trafalgar Tours Canada

Wolf Paunic – Vice-President, Sales, Trafalgar Tours Canada

Wolf Paunic – Vice-President, Sales, Trafalgar Tours Canada

There’s a resurgence of interest in guided vacations and Trafalgar wants all the business you can send their way. For this edition of Friday 5, Wolf Paunic, Vice-President, Sales, Trafalgar Tours Canada, talks about the Trafalgar Evolution, the 2015 Agent’s Guide and why a good trip is about more than just a bucket list.

1. What’s new for Trafalgar in 2015?

Paunic: We have many new and exciting things planned for Trafalgar in 2015 including our entirely new Hidden Journeys trip style, which features guided vacations to harder-to-reach destinations in intimate groups of up to 26.

On some Ireland itineraries, clients will also have the opportunity to stay in Authentic Accommodation at the magnificent Ashford Castle and we are also reintroducing our Egypt programs starting in January 2015.

2. What is the Trafalgar Evolution?

Paunic: The Trafalgar Evolution is a unique combination of travel, human, artistic and social experiences brought together by a team of Trafalgar Insiders, and delivered to Trafalgar guests in an authentic, engaging, joyful and spontaneous way.

Travelling on a Trafalgar guided vacation is not about the numbers of days, hours or sights to be added to the bucket list. It is about a moment in time, spent in a memorable setting, connecting with local characters, enjoying the hospitality of Be My Guest hosts and finding companionship and friendship among fellow travellers.

Since the Trafalgar Evolution started with Gavin Tollman as Chief Visionary Officer and Global CEO at the helm, we have pushed the existing boundaries of guided vacations and are continually exploring and adding new experiences and unique elements to our product.

3. How many itineraries (give or take a few) does Trafalgar offer, and in what regions of the world?

Paunic: Trafalgar offers more than 230 trips to worldwide destinations including Europe, North, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa, and we continue to offer new ways of travel each year.

4. What do Trafalgar guests find most enjoyable on a Trafalgar trip?

Paunic: We offer our guests real choice by offering more destinations and more trip styles than any other guided vacation operator, with real flexibility with the perfect balance of included sightseeing and free time and real ease so our guests can truly enjoy their vacation while travelling like a VIP.

5. Your 2015 Agent’s Guide to Trafalgar looks great. What are three things that you really want agents to take away after reading the Agent’s Guide?

Paunic: First, the understanding of an honest, responsible and profitable partnership Trafalgar as a brand offers to our retail travel agents and distributors. We approach this relationship from a business perspective and work together with the agent to develop a business strategy, marketing and communication plan and offer the services of our Marketing and Sales teams to generate traffic and conversion to Trafalgar product.

Secondly, Trafalgar’s program can be offered to practically every Canadian traveller, regardless of age, gender, family status or personal interest.

We have very a well developed, worldwide Family Program, relaxing and captivating At Leisure vacations, and over and above Europe trips, which we are best known for, we offer North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and in my view, the best vacations in Hawaii one can desire.

In all of these destinations, we include Be My Guest dining experiences, Hidden Treasures, Local Experts – the works of unique Insider Experiences.

Third, adopt Trafalgar Insider messaging and your business will prosper. Trafalgar’s earning potential/commissions are the top in the distribution channel. Booking a couple on a Trafalgar guided vacation is like booking tens on low-margin holiday product and we will work with our retail partner at every step of the business strategy we jointly develop.

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