Supporting preferred suppliers: Making your clients (and host agency) happy

Supporting preferred suppliers: Making your clients (and host agency) happy

I’ll bet your host agency (or consortium) goes to great lengths to ensure your support of your preferred suppliers.

Why does it matter so much, especially if you’ve been in the business for a while and have personal relationships with other suppliers? What’s the big deal if you support a few competitors?


First, it’s good for your clients.

When you support preferred partners, not only are you likely to reap higher earnings, but chances are your clients will receive excellent treatment and bonus extras such as upgrades, limited-time offers, value-adds etc. One more way to make your clients feel special!


Second, it’s good for you.

It’s no secret that when you sell a select few suppliers you become an expert in their offerings. You’ll close sales faster and with greater confidence. Plus, you’ll build loyalty and trust with their sales and support teams.

A good example is ocean cruises. There is a lot of competition out there! If you have 10 bookings and split them between five cruise lines, it will take much longer for you to develop knowledge and credibility than if you focus on just a few partners.


Third, it’s good for your host agency

Host agencies and consortia alike devote a lot of resources to developing your preferred supplier list and ensuring it’s not too wide (or too narrow). The partners are sourced and vetted, ensuring that you and your clients both receive the best service and experience.

It can be tough to figure out which partners even within the list of preferred partners you’re going to support but just like finding your niche, making the connections, and building your business with them will pay off – in spades!

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