Glen Harwood – President, ENVOY

05.08_FridayFive_HeadshotThe right collateral can help travel agents close a sale. In addition to fulfillment, distribution and warehousing, ENVOY now also offers direct mail, brochure and flyer printing and data mining, says company president Glen Harwood.

1. ENVOY is the Canadian travel industry’s top fulfillment, distribution and warehousing company. What does that mean for travel agents?

Harwood: Our online brochure ordering platform ( allows travel agents to order all of their collateral material in one place at one time. Travel agents can be assured their order will arrive intact and in a timely fashion.

2. Some in the industry may know ENVOY by its former name, Hippo Express. How long has the company been in business?

Harwood: The company was established in 1998. We re-branded the company in September 2013. We feel the name change better reflects ENVOY’s intelligence and reach within the travel industry.

3. How does ENVOY work with suppliers to ensure their brochures and other products are front and centre with Canadian retail travel agents?

Harwood: ENVOY actively promotes supplier brochures to travel agents though print and digital advertising. This helps create top-of-mind awareness for our clients which in turn translates to a better ROI on their brochures.

4. What are some of ENVOY’s newest services?

Harwood: ENVOY has made significant investments in infrastructure and has developed valuable partnerships allowing us to offer a variety of services beyond brochure storage and delivery.  Some of these services include direct mail, brochure and flyer printing and data mining.

5. Who are some of your current clients and how can agents and suppliers find out more about ENVOY?

Harwood: ENVOY’s clients include G Adventures, Collette Vacations, Ensemble Travel and Brand USA. Agents and suppliers can visit our website,, or call us at 416-365-1500, ext. 133 or ext. 136 for Toni DeFino.

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