Tuesday August 11, 2020
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Getting out from under the costs of operating an agency is a timely option

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


This is a very uncertain time for travel agency owners. What is certain is that all the ongoing costs of running an agency don’t go away at a time like this and can be crippling when revenue isn’t coming in.

There is a way to get out from under most of these costs – as some agency owners have discovered. Now is actually a great time to discuss your options.

Here are two agency owners who recently joined host agency The Travel Agent Next Door and why this was the best choice for them.

Jeff Balabanov, Prime Travel & Cruises 

We recently converted our agency from a retail store front to a home-based business with TTAND. After 20 years, our analysis showed us that the retail bricks and mortar location was only generating 10% of our business. 

“You then start to question why you’re paying retail overheads for space, utilities, telephone, licensing, insurance, accounting services, consortium fees, office supplies, maintenance, etc. TTAND provides the infrastructure that owners pay attention to – licensing, insurance, invoicing, accounting, commission collection, health benefits, preferred supplier agreements and resulting top rates of commission. They provide marketing services such as a branded website, consumer booking capability, email and printed marketing campaigns aimed at driving new prospects to supplement your existing book of business. 

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“With no retail overheads we are pocketing almost every dollar we generate; we have no Vancouver rush hour commute; and we have a competent organization handling all administrative and back office support functions. The unexpected benefit has been that in this COVID-19 environment the stress of meeting business ownership costs is completely eliminated. For us it was the right move at the right time.”

Joe Naccarato, Del Mare Travel 

In April 2019, after 35 years in a storefront location on a main street in Toronto, the decision was made to join The Travel Agent Next Door based on the ever-changing travel industry and on the fact that we saw less than 10% of clients in our office. 

“Being branded as ‘Del Mare Travel’ has allowed for a seamless transition. For clients that require personal contact I am able now to make house calls. The support team at TTAND is incredible and TTAND is in constant contact with us by means of webinars and emails. This is very important through this difficult time we are now facing with COVID-19. 

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“Joining TTAND was the best travel decision I ever made. I now have cost certainty through low monthly fees and no worries about the administration side. It allows me to do what I love to do most and that is to sell travel. Sooner or later travel will rebound.”

Jill Wykes

Jill Wykes is a travel industry veteran who has held a series of senior management portfolios in travel corporations. A former chairman of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, she is now an independent communications consultant and writer since retiring in 2011.
Jill Wykes
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