Friday 5 with Gordon Burwood, President and General Manager, DHTour
President and General Manager, Gordon Burwood of DHTour

Gordon Burwood — President and General Manager, DHTour

Gordon Burwood, DHTour

President and General Manager, Gordon Burwood of DHTour

DHTour is best known for its UK getaways, and the Burlington, ON-based company knows London inside and out. But did you know that as the main Canadian agent for Back Roads Touring, DHTour also offers vacations in the rest of Europe too, “from Lapland to Turkey” and especially in France and Italy? For this edition of Friday 5, President and General Manager Gordon Burwood talks about his company’s product lineup and why Liverpool is a most surprising destination.

1. What are your three top-selling tours these days?

Burwood: Royal Residences and ‘Downton Abbey’. The lure of the Royal Family is at an all-time high and, although the initial excitement has died down somewhat, Highclere Castle, a.k.a. ‘Downton Abbey’, is still a great draw, as part of an extended tour or as a day tour from London.

Corners of Cornwall is our most popular Back Roads tour followed closely by our exclusive tours of Wales.

Highclere Castle

2. What sort of specialty UK product does DHTour offer that other companies might not have?

Burwood: Unique tours, such as Royal Residences and our Wales tours, that we develop ourselves or with exclusive UK partners. We are the main Canadian agents for the iconic Back Roads Touring, high quality mini-coach tours around the U.K. and Europe. Finally, while we do not just sell London, we know the city well and can give much advice to our clients, not just on hotels, but also on what to see and how to get around.