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Flemming Friisdahl explains why there’s a need for The Agency Solution

Flemming Friisdahl explains why there’s a need for The Agency Solution

The Travel Agent Next Door has launched a new division for small agencies – The Agency Solution.

Flemming Friisdahl, Founder, explains why.

Q. Can you give us some background on why you are launching The Agency Solution?

Friisdahl: “Based on many conversation with smaller agencies they would like to have a dedicated company to support them, not just a consortium – as this is not what we are – but an actual organization that allows them to be them, does not tell them what to do other than the legal requirements like TICO or CPBC. And they don’t want to have to pay for everything such as a website, electronic marketing, print marketing, insurances, phone systems, insurance if they want to escort a group, paying their own associate agents. This program even enables a storefront to build their OWN team of independent agents.”

Q. Who are your target audience for this division?

Friisdahl: “Any agency owner that wants to have a better work life balance, have a company that is there to help meet THEIR NEEDS, support them with new technology and make sure that their marketing and systems are relevant– while bringing and creating new systems in travel.”

Q. What are the particular challenges for this small agency segment?

Friisdahl: “The general comment I hear is that it is hard to stay on top of it all, while still remaining independent. One agent I talked to last week said to me: “so what you have shown me is that if I join The Agency Solution, then I could save $24,000 in costs, and since I presently bring in about $100,000 in commission before any expenses then that’s a lot more I get to keep. Plus based on the commission you explained to me, I would make more commission with most of the suppliers I presently sell and even if you take a small cut on some suppliers – because I receive a 100% on many – I would make more money and I would have less headaches, is this correct?” And the answer is actually YES!!”

Q. What will The Agency Solution do for them?

Friisdahl: “The needs are different for each agency, as we can do everything from BSP ticketing, to paying their commissioned sales agents to helping them get a reduction in phone costs and reduce their insurance costs. Again no agency has the same needs, that’s why we don’t have a cookie cutter approach.”

Q. Why wouldn’t they just join one of the consortiums?

Friisdahl: “Many of them are in a consortium, and so are we, we are part of Ensemble, one of Canada’s largest and most successful – and as a side note I am proud to say that for 2019, we are the number one agency for Ensemble! But the difference between The Agency Solution and a consortium is, in short, you are still on your own, you are judged on YOUR OWN agency sales with a supplier this means you have to produce a lot to get the top tier commissions like 18%. Also you still have to do all the regulatory requirements such as TICO, trust accounting, audit engagement review annually, carry your own insurance, pay into the different funds, pay your commissioned agents and create a contract for those commissioned agents, manage your own website and the list goes on!”

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