Tuesday October 20, 2020
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Cutting costs right now is best way to prepare for success in the future

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


As the travel industry hunkers down to weather this unprecedented time, large and small agency owners have to find every possible way to cut costs. The ongoing cost of things like rent or fees, or employees can be the undoing of a business when revenue isn’t coming in.

That makes this a really good time to look at options. One option is to join a host agency. This can not only get rid of a lot of costs – it will give the agency and their agents a lot of support.

This is an excellent time to have that conversation. These two agency owners recently joined The Travel Agent Next Door. Here’s what they had to say:


Collette Trabucco, Creative Travel and Tours

“I am new to TTAND. I had to make changes due to the impact of COVID-19 and found TTAND to be the right choice for me and my associates.

“I’ve operated a storefront for 21 years. The costs associated with it made joining TTAND a perfect fit. I still have my identity as Creative Travel and Tours without the financial stress. Their platform is one-stop shopping. Everything an agent needs to know and how to do is within a keystroke.  The travel industry is changing and TTAND’s business platform is a game changer.

“As a new partner, I was drawn to the TTAND network through talking with various BDMs that I respect and know to trust their judgement — and with them having direct contact with TTAND. Also Flemming’s mandate and vision has made it a good fit for what I needed at this difficult time of change. Maintaining my Identity was crucial moving forward, and it was a seamless transition.”


Sharon Rushton, Emerald Escapes Travel

“I decided to go with a larger host agency to access opportunities, technology and tools that I could not otherwise have accessed with a smaller host.

“Such things as advanced invoicing systems, training modules, and the education opportunities offered by partnering with a larger host can often be a challenge for smaller hosts to provide.

“The support system is a huge plus, freeing up time for my associates allowing them to do what they do best … booking travel and booking in higher numbers, creating higher commissions.

“Another huge plus is that much of the material and marketing is branded with my personal business Emerald Escapes Travel Group. Having a smaller agency partner with a larger host offers Emerald Escapes Travel the best of both worlds.”

Jill Wykes

Jill Wykes is a travel industry veteran who has held a series of senior management portfolios in travel corporations. A former chairman of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, she is now an independent communications consultant and writer since retiring in 2011.
Jill Wykes
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