Could you use more cash?

Could you use more cash?

Could you use more cash?

It’s all about people, this business. Making and keeping connections. Which is why it’s so crucial for your own customer database to remain up to date.

When you send out an e-blast or other communiqué to your client list, how many rejects do you get? How often do you set aside time to ensure you keep that list up to date?

Make sure your list includes not only addresses and phone contact info (including cell numbers) but also key dates such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

And with each customer interaction, take a moment to update that list to include points of discussion and follow-up items. Did that customer express an interest in a river cruise? A cycling holiday?  When you hear of a great deal, you can turn it around speedily. It’s up to all of us to be proactive and not just wait for the phone to ring or the emails to come in.

And don’t give up on ‘old’ names. Here at Vision we recently had a client, whom we hadn’t heard from in eight years, contact us to book a $50,000 trip. Nice!

It’s always so pleasant when your dentist remembers your daughter’s name (“So is Stephanie still playing a lot of soccer?”) or your hairdresser thinks to ask how your French lessons are going. Show that same sort of personal interest in your clients (or clients-to-be) and they’ll be sure to remember you.

Another great way to keep up with your clients is to become their Facebook friend and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Customer relations management … or CRM as it’s widely referred to. Perhaps we should think of it as ‘Cash.  Real Money!’

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