“Our commissions are extremely competitive”: Expedia TAAP

“Our commissions are extremely competitive”: Expedia TAAP

Expedia TAAP has seen year-over-year consistent growth among Canadian travel agents since its launch here in 2010. The agent-friendly online booking platform has 385,000 hotels, resorts and other accommodation options, and that’s just the start, says Katrina Moseley, Expedia TAAP’s Travel Agent Distribution Manager.

1. When did Expedia TAAP launch in Canada and how many Canadian travel agents are now enrolled to use Expedia TAAP?

“TAAP was formed in 2008 and became available to agents in Canada in 2010. As of 2017 we have about 15,000 active travel agents enrolled in the Expedia TAAP program in Canada. We have over 70,000 worldwide.”

2. Can travel agents dip into the program as needed?

“Yes, absolutely agents can visit the program as needed! Agents do not need to book with Expedia TAAP exclusively, but it is highly recommended. We are a one-stop shop, offer competitive commissions on multiple lines of business and also provide customer support via a TAAP dedicated team.”

3. What types of travel products are most popular for agents to book through TAAP?

“The most popular would be our hotels as we offer nearly 385,000 lodging properties, including those in secondary and tertiary markets. We also offer air, dynamic packages, car and activities (including transfers and tickets).”

4. What sort of good things do you hear from agents about TAAP’s commission rates?

“We hear many good things! To name a few: Payments are received on time, commissions are based on GBV (gross booking volume) versus NET and our commissions are extremely competitive.”

5. What’s one of the biggest benefits for agents looking to sign on with Expedia TAAP?

“Since displayed TAAP hotel rates are the same rates as those seen on Expedia.com, travel agents are not only potentially less at risk of losing customers who book their hotels through other sources, but are also are provided with the opportunity to further solidify their client relationships.”

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