Collette: Catering to the curious traveller
Mt. Fuji, Japan

Collette: Catering to the curious traveller

Summer is almost here, which means big bookings ahead for Collette. With over 105 years of experience in travel dream-making, and after the very challenging pandemic years, the tour operator is ready to welcome back Canadians on trips even further and longer than before. In this week’s Take 5, we check in with Collette’s Sam LaFrance, Public Relations Specialist, who shares insights on what’s selling for summer.

1.  What’s selling particularly well for summer 2023?

“Travellers are eager to get out and explore Japan. Our recent campaign to promote our great tours out there did well and we’re seeing some extra interest. Our ‘Japan: Past & Present Explorations’ tour is popular, it offers several unique experiences. Things like chatting with ama pearl divers and spending a night in a traditional monastery are highlights of the tour.”


2. Now that travel has returned to normal more or less, are you finding that Canadians are venturing further abroad, beyond Canada and the U.S.? 

“With travel back to normal we’re seeing more and more travellers elect to book longer experiences. Instead of 10 days, they’re leaning closer to the two-week trips. As far as Canadian travellers go, they’ve been heading to exotic destinations like Africa and South America.”


3. For travel agents who aren’t familiar with Collette or who haven’t booked with you in a while, who do you mostly cater to? And what’s typically included in a Collette vacation?

“At Collette we cater to the curious traveller, someone who wants to know more and explore deeper into wherever it may be that they’re headed to. Collette has five different travel styles: Classic, Explorations, Spotlights, Faith, and Cruise. Each offers something different, allowing travellers to decide which fits best for them. For example, an Explorations tour is a smaller group of travellers that’s able to enjoy more in depth experiences than they would as a large group. Things like home hosted meals and cooking classes are usually a hit.”


4. May is all about showing appreciation to travel agents. Can you tell us how travel agents have helped Collette through the pandemic?

“Travel advisors have been so important to Collette, not only during the pandemic, but in the times surrounding it as well. We strive to offer advisors flexibility when touring, so instead of FAM tours, we offer a 50% discount for any advisor booking a tour, and 25% for any companion.”


5. What’s new at Collette for 2023/24?

“One thing we’re excited about this year is the inclusion of a $20 Uber voucher on all US Spotlight tours, allowing travellers to venture out on their own and see the things they’d like to while they’ve got down time.”

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