Canadian traveller meets future husband on European tour

Canadian traveller meets her future husband on her European adventure

Group travel has always been a way to build meaningful connections, including a lifetime romance. “Last fall, Contiki received countless submissions into the #contikilegends campaign from Canadians who met their sweetheart on our trips and are now getting married. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we would like to remind travellers of the emotional benefits of travelling when you’re young,” says Contiki Canada President, Brad Ford. “For many of our passengers, our style of group travel creates an incredible camaraderie and falling in love with a travel mate becomes a wonderful surprise.”

Sarah and Antony’s #contikilegends story

In March 2004, Canadian Sarah Gibson embarked on her first trip away from home with a 34-day Contiki tour. She was hoping for a new life experience and a chance to see the world. In the process, she met the love of her life, Antony from New Zealand. Antony to made a full move to Toronto to be with Sarah only months after their trip ended. Over ten years later, Antony and Sarah are married.

“Since meeting on our trip, Antony and I are now living together in Canada and he has dual citizenship. We married in 2009, had our first daughter in 2012 and just this past November we greeted our second daughter. Contiki changed my life forever,” said Gibson.

Canadian traveller meets her future husband on her European adventure

Contiki’s most romantic European tours:

For those young clients who might be looking to meet someone on their own Contiki adventure, Contiki recommends several European Contiki adventures:

Love and romance can come about in different ways, but there’s something intoxicating about exploring Europe together that pulls at the heartstrings of nearly anyone who travels to this magical continent. From sipping a café au lait in one of Paris’ quintessential cafes to nibbling on artisanal cheese plates at dinner in Amsterdam or sharing a bottle of Chianti on a quaint, cobblestone street on a warm night in Rome, love is certainly in the air, especially in the following destinations:

London & Paris, Plus Amsterdam Contiki Tour

London & Paris, Plus Amsterdam

This 9-day trip covers three of Europe’s most iconic cities, each famous for their old-world charm and romantic outdoor spaces like gardens, parks and quaint shopping districts perfect for buying a memorable keepsake for a special someone. No need to negotiate maps, guidebooks, or public transport – leave that to Contiki.

Time in London includes a city tour of the major sites, a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge, tickets to a West End musical, then it’s on to Paris for a tour of the city by night, a visit to a French perfumery and day trip to Versailles.

Amsterdam sees the continuation of this europhoric European journey with river cruises, visits to a clog and cheese shop, beautiful flower gardens and more.

Simply Italy Contiki Tour

Simply Italy

A culture of beauty and world-renowned artistry, Italy is home to iconic architecture, food, fashion and culture. It’s the perfect backdrop for young travellers wishing to open their hearts to love.

This 12-day trip covers big cities like Rome, Milan and Florence as well as lesser-known gems including the Isle of Capri on the Amalfi Coast. Feasting on local cuisine, sipping local wine and surrendering to the relaxation and beauty of this great nation make Italian holidays picture-perfect.

Spanish Spree Contiki Tour

Spanish Spree

Energy, passion, sensuality and joyful fiestas are all popular markers of Spanish culture. Spain, a favourite destination for young travellers, is a nation of many unique sub-cultures, each with their own customs, traditions and gorgeous accents.

Travellers on Contiki’s 14-Day Spanish Spree can swoon over cava and paella along the coast and red wine and meat dishes inland. With 9 stops from Barcelona and Ibiza (summer only) to Grenada and Madrid, rejoice in a two-week long fiesta with new friends and perhaps a special someone. 

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