8 tips for using this downtime productively

8 tips for using this downtime productively

8 tips for using this downtime productively

Canada seems to be entering a second wave of COVID-19 and many restrictions remain in place that are hampering the travel industry’s efforts to start up again. This has left most agents with time on their hands.

But there was probably a time when you wished you had time to get to the things you always intended to do in your spare time.   

Winter is coming and the cold weather will surely give Canadians a reason to start travelling again – but in the meantime, here are some ideas of valuable things you can be doing:

1. Call your clients and chat about how they are managing during COVID and how their families are doing –  and then ask where they might like to go when they can.

2. Build up your client list. Take part in farmers markets, Christmas markets, run a contest, host a supplier consumer event on Zoom, ask your current clients for referrals, follow up with former clients, ask family and friends to recommend you.

3. Continuing Education – now is a great time to learn about new product and destinations online. Sign up for supplier and destination online seminars.

4. Volunteer in your community. A great way to meet people and add clients.

5. Join your local chamber of commerce and other business networks.

6. Upgrade your computer skills and systems skills through online courses or YouTube.

7. Print fliers that you can drop in neighbours mail boxes and pin on neighbourhood message boards in grocery stores, community centres, etc.

8. Learn about host agencies and do your homework to make sure you understand exactly what they offer – and what they don’t. Now might be the perfect time to become a home based, independent agent –  or to find the best host agency –  before the pent- up demand for travel kicks in.

We all know that people are longing to travel again. Smart agents will use this time to improve their skills and knowledge and find creative ways to add to their client lists so they can take advantage of the boom that is sure to come.

And make sure you are with the best company when that happens, so you can earn more and take full advantage of the travel rebound.

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