7 more questions you should be asking a host agency

There is an assumption that most host agencies offer the same services and support. This is completely false! Host agencies vary in many, many ways.

The key is knowing what questions to ask. In last month’s issue of Sphere, we looked at 7 questions you should ask about any host agency contract you might sign. This month we offer seven more questions you should ask any host agency you are considering joining.

Marketing: Sure, they usually provide it. But is there a cost? Do they do it for you, or is it all up to you?

Online presence: Do you get your own bookable website? Does it have cars, hotels, cruise, insurance as well as air and packages?

Invoicing: Is it done centrally or can you send it instantly? If it is done centrally, what’s the turnaround time?

BSP ticketing: How fast is the turnaround?

Commissions: What is the split with the host agency and how often do you get paid?

Training: How much dedicated training will you receive when you start with the company?

New customers: Does your host agency provide referrals and leads?

Keep this checklist with you when you are shopping around for a host agency!

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