Sunday May 19, 2019
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You won’t believe what this man brought onto the Paris Metro

You won’t believe what this man brought onto the Paris Metro

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

PARIS — How bad was your morning commute to work today? We bet it was nothing compared to what Parisians had to go through Tuesday morning.

Paris Metro authorities announced that traffic on Line 1 was suspended due to an “act of malevolence” by a passenger. Any guesses as to what this malevolent act could possibly be?

Turns out a man brought a goat with him onto the Metro.

A goat!

Passengers onboard reported a woman repeatedly shouting “stop”, which prompted others to assume an attack was taking place. But then the man and his barnyard companion were spotted, with shocked commuters tweeting their disbelief in real time.

Tweeter iBao wrote, “This is why the traffic is blocked. A bloke is on the Metro with a goat. How crazy is that. Left earlier only to arrive later because of that.”

Another commuter, Kenza Bennani, tweeted, “Stuck on the Metro because of a man with a goat! He’s refusing to get off.”

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Bennani went on to say that the police were called. The man tried to flee with the goat but was eventually arrested.

Paris transport authority RATP told The Local that the goat was stolen. It also confirmed that it is, in fact, illegal to take a goat on the Paris Metro.

Traffic was suspended between Chatelet and Concorde, stranding hordes of passengers at packed Metro stations. Services eventually returned to normal after the man was arrested.

As for the goat, no word as to whether it was returned to its rightful owner. Also yet to be confirmed? Whether or not the goat paid its fare.

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