From Park to Planet with SeaWorld

From Park to Planet with SeaWorld

TORONTO — In this new video by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, learn how visiting one of SeaWorld’s theme parks can help with its commitment to conserving our oceans and natural wildlife.

A Park with a Purpose 

A visit to SeaWorld isn’t just a chance to feel connected to the ocean and its creatures – it’s a chance for guests to play a part in protecting the planet. Each ticket, each visit, each experience at SeaWorld’s parks helps fund wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts, habitat protections, and ocean health initiatives.

Leading in Animal Rescue

Thanks to passionate people dedicated to their calling, SeaWorld has rescued more than 31,000 animals in need.

Making our Shorelines Beautiful

Small changes make a big difference. SeaWorld conducts beach and shoreline cleanups while partnering with organizations that share their common purpose.

Park Attractions with a Purpose

Turn, spin, flip and scream on roller coasters, water rides and exciting attractions that are both thrilling and educational.

Going Green for Big Blue Oceans

SeaWorld is investing in recycling systems, collecting organic waste for composting and reuse. It has eliminated plastic bags and plastic straws from its parks to help reduce marine debris.

Learn more about the company’s mission and see how a visit makes a difference for the future of our oceans at

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