Thursday March 22, 2018
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Air Canada gives clients easy access to the western side of Ireland

Air Canada prolonged St. Paddy’s Day celebrations from the weekend with an event in Toronto last night, during which the airline promoted new routes to the Emerald Isle.
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Air Canada, WestJet issue travel alerts for Winter Storm Toby

Airlines including Air Canada and WestJet have updated their travel alerts as a fourth spring nor’easter targets Atlantic Canada and the U.S. Northeast...
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United rolls out Priority Boarding fee, but is it more of a carry-on fee?

For US$9 United Airlines passengers can now get Priority Boarding and the perks that come with it.
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ACV’s summer season will feature new routes and increased frequencies

Air Canada Vacations continues to expand its Sun lineup with new routes and increased capacity and frequency to kickstart its summer 2018 booking season.
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350 passengers, 20 minutes: Lufthansa launches biometric boarding at LAX

Lufthansa’s one-step biometric boarding is now available at LAX and the airline says it will introduce biometric boarding at more airports across the country.
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Southwest gets approval for Honolulu airport space

Southwest Airlines has been granted a permit to operate at the Honolulu airport, state transportation officials said.
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Integra Air steps in to operate suspended Orca Airways’ flights

Calgary-based Integra Air is stepping in to operate Orca Airways flights after Transport Canada pulled Orca's operator certificate on Thursday citing a failure to meet regulatory requirements.
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Two things you shouldn’t do while flying, from a travel agent who survived Nepal plane crash

A Nepali travel agent who survived a plane crash earlier this week said passengers should not drink alcohol during flights and refrain from sleeping during landing and takeoff.
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This video of a renegade suitcase racing down the runway will be the funniest thing you’ll see all day

A rogue piece of luggage went off the rails recently at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, evading grounds crew and seemingly defying physics when it spun out of control down the runway.
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“Definitely targeted to the no-frills consumer, and direct”: trade reacts to basic economy

Now that Canadian carriers are following the U.S. and European lead with rock-bottom basic economy fares, travel agents have a lot of explaining to do.
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