Sunday May 19, 2019
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The rewards of Spring E-Cleaning

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The rewards of Spring E-Cleaning

‘Spring cleaning’ takes on a whole new meaning when it’s 2018 and you work from home. But it can be just as rewarding and worthwhile as it was in our grandmothers’ time!

Here are six ideas to get you going. I recommend setting aside a fixed time per day – perhaps 30 minutes – so it doesn’t become overwhelming and eat into your profitable hours. Set a timer and roll up your sleeves!

1. Clean up old emails. If you’re like me they build up over time into a huge neglected and unnecessary pile. Plus down in there you might find a nugget of forgotten opportunity.

2. Go through your contacts and clean them up too. Ensure your supplier contacts are up to date. This will also be a great trigger/reminder for you to communicate with clients you haven’t heard from for a while, perhaps reminding them of some current EBBs, telling them of a trip you just came back from or a certification just earned.

3. Clean out your desk. Empty it completely. Chuck everything that you don’t need. This may be the most rewarding chore of all!

4. If you have a bulletin board, remove everything from it and start with a new look. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you get one. They’re great for posting reminders, a photo of your top bucket list destination and motivational quotes.

5. Consider enhancing your workplace – for you. Fresh flowers. A scent diffuser. A pretty new lamp. After all, how many hours per week are you there?

6. Sign up for a new class. Join a new club. Start a new hobby. And remember to get up and away from that desk. The days are at last getting longer now and a 30 minute walk is as good for your mind as it is for your body. Happy spring!

Lynda Sinclair

Lynda Sinclair

CTM, Vice-President/Leisure at Vision Travel Solutions
With over 30 years in the Canadian retail travel industry, she says she “Lives and breathes what goes on at the front line.” She can be reached at
Lynda Sinclair

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