Tuesday May 22, 2018
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“Agents should know we always have the best value”: CIE Tours

Friday, November 24, 2017

Susan Black, CIE Tours’ Chief Commercial Officer

CIE Tours is best known for its Ireland & Britain product, but did you know it offers Eastern Europe and Italy too? Susan Black, Chief Commercial Officer, CIE Tours International talks shop in this edition of Friday 5.

1. CIE Tours is a leader when it comes to Ireland & Britain tours. Can you fill us in on some of your top new itineraries and/or trip styles for 2018?

“2018 is the year of the family! We have three brand-new fully curated tours that focus on multi-generational travel to Ireland, England and Scotland. Filled with action and adventure that is fun for everyone, there is also a lot of free time built in for bonding and enjoying each other’s company. There are boat rides, bicycle riding, shopping, even a day at the beach! The prices are spot on, the duration is really do-able at one week and the memories last a lifetime.”

2. In addition to Ireland & Britain, does CIE offer any other destinations or product that agents might not be aware of?

“We partner with Kompas Tours to offer a really wonderful tour program in Eastern Europe and Italy. These one to three-week tours are full of choices including Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia and more. One of my favorites is Warsaw, Berlin and Prague which is only $1,439 per person for seven days, land only.”

3. What advantages does CIE Tours offer to its travel trade partners that would be of particular interest for Canadian travel agents?

“CIE Tours has three sales representatives in Canada, covering the entire country. Also, our website and brochure are produced in Canadian dollars, to make it easy for Canadians to book with us.”

4. How does CIE Tours keep agents updated and in the loop?

“Since CIE Tours is the top tour company to Ireland and Britain, agents should know that we always have the best value, and their clients will not only get great service, they can be confident that every supplier in the country knows CIE Tours and has a strong relationship with us, that translates into a terrific experience for them. I encourage agents to learn the nuances of selling this region by taking our two courses where they become certified CIE Tours specialists. The Shamrock Certification focuses on Ireland, and the British Collection Certification on England, Scotland and Wales. Learning how to best sell a guided vacation to this region, the benefits of traveling with CIE Tours, makes it easier for agents to close the sale and feel confident that they’ve matched the right tour with the right client.”

5. Can you tell us a little bit about CIE Tours’ team in Canada?

“CIE Tours’ Business Development Managers are very experienced, have deep knowledge about Ireland and Britain and are ready to help agents bring their business to the next level. Liz Scanlon, managing national accounts, has 36 years industry experience working closely with travel agencies to achieve and exceed sales targets utilizing initiatives such as trainings, consumer travel shows, client nights and fam trips. Michael Mullin, in western Canada, brings over 30 years in travel, and actually started as a driver guide in Ireland! Annika Klint, representing eastern Canada, has over 30 years’ sales experience with airlines, tour operators and retail, producing revenue generating programs with innovative Preferred Supplier strategies and national loyalty programs. Rebecca Seeds, also working with agents in eastern Canada, has over 18 years’ experience, and is always seeking new and creative ways to keep that excitement alive for the travel agents and partners she works with.”

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