Santa’s sleigh gets a major upgrade in new Hertz holiday video

TORONTO — No one is immune to travel delays, not even Santa.

In Hertz’s new holiday video, Santa finds himself in a bit of a jam when his “red-nose” flight from Greenland is delayed due to snow. Finally arriving late at night at the airport, he approaches the Hertz rental car desk to request an upgrade because the Compact car he had previously booked would, in no way, fit all his bags of toys.

Leaning over the counter, tired and jet-lagged, Santa looks dejected and not at all hopeful. But Sabrina, the customer service agent, essentially saves Christmas, giving Santa an “upgrade” so that he can deliver toys on time.

The upgrade turns out to be a tricked-out sleigh complete with heated seats and “1500 reindeer under the hood”.

Let’s hope Santa returns the rental in pristine condition because we’d love to take it out for a spin ourselves!

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