Experience Chic Cabaret & Restaurant at TRS Coral Hotel


The curtain goes up, the spotlight hits the stage. Heart beats quicken as senses are stimulated. Get ready for Chic Cabaret & Restaurant! Prepare to be amazed by the most captivating choreography, bedazzling acrobatics and a legendary soundtrack, passing through the most influential tunes in history. From classic 50’s rock all the way up to present day pop, with a touch of Latin rhythm, enjoy a taste of pure performances complemented by a tempting fusion of flavors. And when the dinner is finished and the last act has played, it’s time for the afterparty!


Cheers to a night full of delicious surprises. From the very first cocktail to the very last plate, indulge in an exquisite assortment of flavors, exciting your taste buds as they dance to the beat of each act. Relish in a dinner fit for the stars, where each dish complements the scene. With culinary creations that will blow your mind, we’ll satisfy your need for excitement and zest with each one of our delectable signature dishes.

We are never short of vegan or vegetarian options, just let us know which menu fits your lifestyle best during the time of reservation so that we can offer you the ideal experience.

Find us at TRS Coral Hotel, opened in November 2018 in Costa Mujeres (Cancun, Mexico)

For more information visit: https://www.palladiumhotelgroup.com/microsites/chic-cabaret/en/trs-coral-hotel/