Stop what you’re doing and watch these sea otters perform a synchronized swimming routine

MOSS LANDING, CALIFORNIA — A group of sea otters could very well make a run for Olympic gold in Tokyo next year after being caught on video performing an unintentional synchronized swimming routine.

The video, which was taken at Moss Landing in California by a group of very amused onlookers, shows the adorable marine mammals swimming in sync from one side of the Elkhorn Slough to the other.

Over a dozen otters can be seen languidly floating on their backs, bobbing their heads above the water, using their hind feet to paddle across the water. As one onlooker gleefully states, “They’re all in almost perfect formation, all in the same way!”

The entire ‘routine’ was made even more delightful after Twitter user Paul Bronks added the iconic theme from ‘Hawaii 5-0’ to the video.

So what do you think? Is the routine good enough for the gold?