American exodus: Best places to live outside the U.S. following election results

American exodus: Best places to live outside the U.S. following election results

DALLAS — Many Americans on both sides of the political divide grumble about leaving the country if their presidential candidate loses, and have complied some advice on where to go. The report pairs four American cities with counterparts around the world where Americans will feel the most at home.

For some, the threat of leaving the U.S. is all talk, but data reveals that many Americans have begun taking action by searching for respite abroad. Following the debate on October 19th, searches for foreign destinations increased, with significant interest in cities within Mexico, Canada, and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Whether you’re hoping to cross the border or an ocean, these cities are the perfect alternatives for Americans seeking an escape abroad.

Manhattanites live it up in Montréal determined that interest in travel to Canada increased significantly in the days following the last presidential debate. With a 40% rise in searches compared to the same time period in 2015, Americans may not need to go too far to escape the states, and Montréal may be the perfect solution for Manhattanites.

What they have in common

Central Park and Mount Royal Park were designed by the same landscape designer; New York and Montréal are number one and two for most restaurants per capita in the world; and Montréal has the sort of flair, culture and joie de vivre that New Yorkers immediately identify with.

Hawaiians ride the waves in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Following the most recent Presidential debate, it became apparent that Americans are perhaps most interested in moving south of the border, with searches for Mexico up 107% compared to the same day in 2015. Hawaiians looking for beach alternatives, Puerto Vallarta Mexico may be the best fit.

What they have in common

Both areas are prime for beach lovers; excellent for sea food connoisseurs; and have a similar tropical climate (70-90 degrees all year round).

Bostonians embrace the history of London

Brexit has driven notable interest for Americans looking to travel to the U.K., with searches to Great Britain up 44% following the Brexit decision. Searches on have increased by 62% year over year and now, with Americans looking to head out of town, the U.K. has become even more desirable, with searches increasing by 11% in the 24-hour period following the debate. For history buffs based in Boston, London may be the perfect place to venture abroad.

What they have in common

While Boston was a main player in the American Revolution, the city held on to many British traditions. Bostonians will feel right at home walking through London, which is complete with city squares and historic cobble stone streets.

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