Monday January 20, 2020
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color for Remote Irish island looking for two people to manage its only coffee shop


Remote Irish island looking for two people to manage its only coffee shop

If you think hot showers and Wi-Fi are overrated luxuries, then this job may be just for you.
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Load up on carbs at this bread-themed hotel suite

As if carbs weren’t irresistible enough, there’s now a bread-themed hotel suite that’s sure to toss all New Year’s Resolutions out the window.
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New York Times called Canada a “sprawling, bone-chillingly cold country” and Canadians have some thoughts

Canada’s cool factor just went up exponentially with news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s impending move.
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Spotted on Airbnb: $15/night igloo in someone’s backyard

How much would you pay to not have to live in an igloo?
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You won’t believe what this road sign prompted Kentucky drivers to do

Anyone driving along Kentucky’s highways this week may have felt a bit racier than usual, and not in terms of speed.
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Nothing to see here, just two humongous sea lions on the back of a boat

Everyone puts on a few pounds around the holidays, perhaps no one more than these two hefty stowaways spotted lounging on a boat off the coast of Washington.
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Get ready to book! Here are Travel + Leisure’s 50 Best Places to Travel in 2020

Where to travel to in 2020? Oh, let us count the destinations.
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This hotel has a vending machine stocked with French champagne

Remember that vending machine in London’s Bankside hotel that spat out engagement rings? Imagine how much more effective it would’ve been standing next to Miami’s first champagne vending machine.
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A woman built a hay replica of Willie Nelson because, why not?

Willie Nelson, meet Will-Hay Nelson, your exact replica made almost entirely of hay.
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Agents earn more points faster with ACV’s enhanced Loyalty Program
Air Canada Vacations has updated its ACV&Me Loyalty Program with ways for travel agents to earn more points in a faster...
Save up to $500 with new deal from Railbookers and Amtrak Vacations
Railbookers and Amtrak Vacations are encouraging travellers to hit the open road – or track – with hundreds of...
Summer trip to Newfoundland up for grabs with Globus
Globus’ escorted tours to Newfoundland and Labrador – both the seven-day ‘Colorful Newfoundland’ and the 12-day...
Win a gold bar & a spot on Australia fam with Goway’s giveaways
Win a gold bar & a spot on Australia fam with Goway’s giveaways
In celebration of its golden anniversary, Goway Travel is giving away commemorative gold bars plus exclusive spots on...
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