Tuesday April 7, 2020
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color for In tough times, joining a host agency could mean survival for neighbourhood agencies

Jill Wykes

In tough times, joining a host agency could mean survival for neighbourhood agencies

The travel industry is living through the most precarious period in its history. Many companies may not survive this crisis and some of the most vulnerable in the industry right now are small agencies.
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Want to grow your groups business? Pick the right host agency!

If you are a home-based agent, you probably would like to sell more groups, right? Groups business can be lucrative and although sometimes a lot of work, can really pay dividends in the long run -including those groups becoming repeat business every year.
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Who owns your clients? 7 questions you should ask your host agency

Before you sign on the dotted line to renew your agreement – or to join a host agency – you need to do your homework! It pays, quite literally, to take a little time to really understand what you are getting into.
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The importance of getting out and about (and it’s not about the free shrimp)

As a travel agent, your customer expects you to be the expert on whatever destination he or she is thinking of – each airline, cruise line, hotel or resort. That is a big responsibility. And yet it is achievable if you take advantage of the many opportunities to learn about the products you sell.
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Tapping into consolidators can help agents maximize earnings

Airlines want to reduce costs. Canada is a large country geographically, with big distribution differences so that the cost is too high for airlines to service all regions cost effectively...
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The value of selling FIT

What’s old is new again. FIT is in vogue. With the proliferation of direct scheduled flights from Canadian gateways, convenient connections, competitive through fares and frequencies we are seeing more agents customizing their clients travel experience. Choice, flexibility and value seem to be the new mantra
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Is the smaller travel agency an endangered species?

First, the tour operators started buying travel agencies, followed by larger travel agencies buying lots of smaller ones. Yet there are still plenty of small to mid-sized agencies out there. So how do they survive?
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Selling package holidays … times have changed

If you’ve been selling travel for a few years and if you sell package holidays, you have seen your commission levels drop significantly in recent years.
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Read the fine print before signing on with a host travel agency

Who owns your clients? This is a big one. Be sure to read the fine print...
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Why e-mail can still be a part of your marketing plan

It reminds me of when GST was introduced. Even the federal departments responsible for explaining it didn’t have a clue as to how it applied to many, many scenarios. And so it is with CASL.
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Close to 1,000 registrants for ACTA’s latest webinar on emergency financial assistance
ACTA President Wendy Paradis, introducing ACTA’s April 3 webinar updating retailers on new financial measures aimed...
ACV to dispute chargebacks on agents’ behalf
ACV to dispute chargebacks on agents’ behalf
Air Canada Vacations is throwing its support behind its valued travel agent partners by disputing chargebacks on their...
TICO announces 90-day deferral of fees
Effective immediately, TICO is implementing a 90-day deferral of fees.
SUPPLIER COVID-19 UPDATES: Airlines, cruise lines, hotels and tour ops
SUPPLIER COVID-19 UPDATES: Airlines, cruise lines, hotels and tour ops
Travel advisories from governments in Canada, the U.S. and countries around the world warning against non-essential...
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