Wednesday February 26, 2020
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color for “When life gives you crap”: Park rangers warn of rolling poop


“When life gives you crap”: Park rangers warn of rolling poop

When life gives you crap, make crap balls, so says the mighty tumblebug.
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Adorable girl mails back rock she took from national park

Guilt can make you do a lot of things, including the right thing.
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Looking to buy Greenland? Property Brothers give Conan some tips

Who better to ask how to makeover an entire country than superstar design duo, the Property Brothers?
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Mom hilariously celebrates first day of school by going to Disney – alone

The struggle is real for many parents, who’ve been counting down the days until school is back in session. A long, hot summer entertaining the kids at home would be enough to drive any mom or dad crazy, which is why one woman wasted no time dropping off her lot at school and headed straight to Disney World.
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This dance off between a woman and an alpaca will be the best thing you’ll see today

Everyone loves a good dance off, just ask Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. But we doubt this former superstar couple could hold their own against a recently discovered dancing alpaca.
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Passenger wins the Internet after playing rock-paper-scissors with grounds crew

Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with airplanes these days. As one Spirit Airlines passenger has proven, a simple game of rock-paper-scissors is enough to pass the time – and win the Internet – while on a flight.
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Holy bat, Batman! Loose bat wreaks havoc on Spirit Airlines flight

We’ve heard of snakes on a plane before, even emotional support pigs and turkeys. But bats?
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A new low for no-frills flying: easyJet assigns backless seat to passenger

Hello, welcome to easyJet. Would you like a window seat, aisle seat, or a backless one?
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How did a single In-N-Out burger end up on the streets of New York?

This is a story of how an In-N-Out burger made its way from California all the way to New York, where it lay fully intact and unattended on the streets of Jamaica, Queens.
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Guy calls out airline for handing out sweets to kids and suggests this as an alternative treat instead

Don’t take candy from strangers – or from airlines, says one particularly health-conscious traveller.
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“This is the new WestJet”: Agents and new Dreamliner celebrated at partner awards
“This is the new WestJet”: Agents and newest Dreamliner celebrated at Travel Partner Awards
When it comes to investments, WestJet has made three in particular that have paid off in a big way: its product, its...
Sunwing finalizes summer schedule to operate without 737 MAX 8
Sunwing has revised its schedule for the coming 2020 summer season to operate without the Boeing 737 MAX 8.
Uniglobe debuts brand new look including updated signage for agencies
Uniglobe has unveiled a completely new look for its brand, jettisoning the upper-case teal UNIGLOBE in favour of a more...
Air Canada halts YYZ-HKG, waives fees for northern Italy & Incheon
Air Canada suspends Toronto-Hong Kong flights until April 30
Air Canada has made the move to temporarily suspend its daily nonstop Toronto-Hong Kong flights due to low demand amid...
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