Wednesday November 20, 2019
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color for Caught on camera! Hawaii man proposes to girlfriend while surfing


Caught on camera! Hawaii man proposes to girlfriend while surfing

A Hawaii man was surfing with his girlfriend when instead of hanging 10, he knelt down on one knee on his board and proposed.
Read more accuses Qantas attendant of racism, read his tweets here

Black Eyed Peas musician has accused a flight attendant from Australia’s national carrier Qantas of being racist and rude to him on a flight.
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Passenger pulls the ol’ switcheroo to get his fat cat onboard flight

If you can’t beat ‘em, hire a body double and sneak past ‘em.
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Your wildest dream is coming true: A Nutella hotel is opening in January

If you build it, they will come, especially if it’s made of Nutella.
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More tears to be shed with WestJet’s new kindness video

WestJet has done it again – it’s turned us all into a sobbing mess over its latest heartwarming video.
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Fish with a human face spotted swimming in a lake in China

For anyone suffering from ichthyophobia, or fear of fish, you may want to stop reading right about now.
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Sandra Oh returns in second commercial for Air Canada

Beloved Canadian actress Sandra Oh has reprised her role in Air Canada’s new campaign, once again telling passengers to ‘travel like a Canadian’.
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Pilot banned for life after giving woman the okay to sit at controls during flight

File this under dumb things people have done while on the job.
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WestJetters doing good: Five new homes built in the D.R.

A lot of good can happen when your heart is in the right place, as 48 WestJetters have proven following a humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic.
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Bangkok’s ‘biggest burger’ weighs 13 pounds and people are racing to eat it

Eating a burger in under 10 minutes is doable for most foodies. But who among us is able to wolf down a 13-pounder in less than nine minutes?
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Air Canada’s booking capability is back up and running following system migration
Air Canada says booking capability should be back up and running later today
It’s “business as usual” for Air Canada now that it has successfully migrated to a new reservation system.
Just-formed Serenade Caribbean Hotels to open flagship in Punta Cana
Just-formed Serenade Caribbean Hotels to open all-inc resort in Punta Cana
A new player has entered the all-inclusive market in the Caribbean – the newly-formed Serenade Caribbean Hotels...
NCL’s Great Stirrup Cay debuts new beachfront area with 38 villas
Norwegian Cruise Line has unveiled an exclusive oceanfront, resort-style destination on Great Stirrup Cay, its private...
TAP Air Portugal to add nonstops from Montreal and Boston in 2020
TAP Air Portugal continues to expand in North America with the announcement of two new routes coming in 2020 to...
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