YVR airport issues manhunt for Ryan Reynolds and here’s how you can help

VANCOUVER — As the comic book hero Deadpool, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is used to being chased by bad guys. But how will he handle being pursued by one of Canada’s busiest airports?

Vancouver International Airport has launched a hilarious new social media campaign aimed at getting Reynolds, arguably Vancouver’s most famous native son, to be its official ambassador.

The 2.5-minute video, launched on YVR’s Twitter account on July 15, shows YVR president and CEO Craig Richmond narrowing down a list of celebrities with his communications team.

Carly Rae Jepson was eliminated due to her “wishy-washy” lyrics (“Call Me Maybe?” says Richmond, “We’re the #1 airport! Call me!”), and so was Seth Rogan, who’s already spoken for after teaming up with Vancouver’s Translink in 2018. Michael Bublé, another famous Vancouverite, was also mentioned as a last resort but Richmond angrily vetoed him for being “too perfect” and “too handsome”.

With no one else to turn to, Richmond mindlessly started doodling an image of Deadpool when the idea finally hit him: Ryan Reynolds!

After being told by his team that Reynolds, world-famous actor and now gin distiller, is much too famous for YVR, Richmond promises to “go out and convince Ryan Reynolds to be the spokesperson for YVR”, but he’s going to need the public’s help to do it.

The #FindingRyan campaign, which aims to spread the word that YVR is a community-based, not-for-profit airport, invites Twitter users to retweet YVR’s video and tag Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) for a chance to win a $2,500 travel voucher.

Who knows how many retweets it would take for Deadpool to say yes, but we are certain of one thing: it’ll be the perfect partnership for Mr. VancityReynolds himself!