Photo credit Ben Waugh / @benwaugh

You’ll want to hug your mom after seeing this incredible photo of a mama bear and her cub

BOW LAKE, ALBERTA — Bears, they’re just like us! They love the outdoors, they take long naps, and they adore smooches with their little ones.

Alberta photographer Ben Waugh hit the photo opp jackpot when he snapped a pic of a mama grizzly bear and her cub sharing a sweet kiss near Alberta’s Bow Lake earlier this week.

In the photo, mama bear and baby bear are seen nose-to-nose in front of a gorgeous backdrop of the Rockies. With nothing and no one around them, their love for each other is palpable.

“I’ve lived in Canada for just over a year now and never seen a special moment like this,” Waugh told HuffPost.

Waugh, who’s originally from Australia, posted the photo on Instagram where he wrote: “Isn’t this just the cutest thing you have ever seen!? We were so lucky to capture this beautiful moment between ‘Marilyn’ and her cub yesterday.”

Not surprisingly, the world reacted with a collective “awww”, with Instagrammers responding in full. “First photo brings me life” wrote @rivers.and.rose, while @taylor@braithwaite_ added “The timing on the first shot AMAZING.”

The once-in-a-lifetime snap was extra sentimental for Waugh, who spent the previous three days road tripping up the Icefield Parkway with – you guessed it – his mom and his dad.

“We have been so lucky with the weather, the places we have bean [sic] & the animals we have seen,” he wrote. “We still have another few days on the road and some more epic places to visit.”

Let’s hope Waugh managed to catch more wildlife moments like this! Now excuse us while we go sob on mom’s shoulder.