You won’t believe how this man confronted his cheating partner at the airport

MELBOURNE — What’s the best way to confront a cheating spouse? Some people would dump them over text, others would go to the extreme and key their car. But then there are a few – like this hilarious bloke in Melbourne – who prefer to go viral while doing it.

The unidentified man was snapped at the airport holding up a sign that read, “I know you cheated”. It’s presumed that the man was there to pick up his no-good, cheating partner while at the same time publicly calling them out for their ‘sins’.


The picture instantly went viral, with many people going so far as to blaming the man’s (unfortunate) choice in footwear as the reason why he’d be cheated on.

Birkenstocks or not, you can’t deny the guy’s creative flair and bravery. Anyone who can find the humour in an otherwise painful situation deserves an ‘A’ in our book.

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