You won’t believe how much this tourist had to pay for two hamburgers in Rome

You won’t believe how much this tourist had to pay for two hamburgers in Rome

ROME — Should the Eternal City be renamed the Expensive City? One American tourist seems to think so.

A photo of a meal receipt taken in Rome by Emma C Cheppy, a traveller from New York City, has gone viral for its outlandishly expensive charges.

While dining at Caffe Vaticano, located near the Vatican, Cheppy ordered two hamburgers, two cappuccinos and one Americano. Upon being presented with the receipt, she was shocked to see a total charge of €81.40 (approximately Can$122).

The meal breaks down as follows: €50 for the two burgers, €for the two cappuccinos, €8 for the Americano, and a €7.40 service charge.

Not believing her eyes, Cheppy snapped a pic of the receipt and posted it on Facebook to warn other tourists when visiting the Italian capital.

“VISITORS OF ROME BEWARE,” she wrote. “#CaffeVaticano has been ripping off tourists for ages apparently. No clue how they’re still getting away with their pricing.”

Cheppy also noted that the restaurant does not have a menu posted, failing to provide customers with actual prices.

Her word of advice? “Just skip it and find another place to eat near the Vatican. There’s tons!”

Cheppy’s post prompted countless critics to post negative reviews of the restaurant on TripAdvisor, where it has a dismal 1.5 star rating.

One person wrote: “The food was average and the prices are double if not trip what you pay elsewhere in Rome. The menu without prices should have been a warning sign.”

TripAdvisor was forced to temporarily disable comments on Caffe Vaticano’s page because many of the comments violated TripAdvisor’s review posting policy.