You won’t believe how much these monkeys in Japan hate the snow

You won’t believe how much these monkeys in Japan hate the snow

MUTSU, JAPAN — And here we thought we hated the snow.

A parade of monkeys in the city of Mutsu in northern Japan was caught on video precariously walking along a series of telephone cables, just to avoid getting their feet wet from the snow below.

Filmed by a woman from outside her house, the short clip shows the daredevil monkeys shuffling across the cables in what looks like a well-coordinated, death-defying high-wire circus act. Using one cable to shimmy across with their hands, and another to keep them upright with their feet, the adorable primates never miss a beat, walking along in an orderly fashion as if it’s a walk in the park.

“Look at this! Impossible!” the woman can be heard saying.

The video was later uploaded to Twitter by the woman’s daughter, @baritone_666, where it has already been viewed over one million times and retweeted over 50,000 times since Jan. 6.

The animals appear to be Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, which are known to relax in Japan’s hot springs during the winter months.

Boy, they must really hate the snow. Cable climbs and dips in the pool? We doubt they’ll be booking a trip to Canada during the winter anytime soon!