You can slide to your gate at this world-class airport

SINGAPORE — Gone are the days of making a mad dash through an airport to catch your flight. Now you can simply slide down to your gate in record time.

Singapore’s Changi Airport, often referred to as the best airport in the world, is making headlines for having not one, but two slides inside their terminals. Though ‘The Slide@T3’ made its debut back in 2010, the four-storey attraction and its smaller sister slide in terminal 4 are creating buzz once again thanks to social media.

At 12 metres tall, The Slide@T3 spans from Level 1 all the way to Basement 3 and is considered Singapore’s tallest slide and the world’s tallest slide in an airport. It’s not clear when the slide at Terminal 4 opened or how long it is but it looks equally fun, ending at the foot of Changi’s famous ‘red chandelier’ playground.

Yes, a slide and a playground inside an airport. What a time to be alive!

For every S$10 spent at Changi Airport in a single, same-day receipt, passengers can redeem one ride at either slide. A maximum of 10 rides per receipt can be redeemed on the same day.

Also, riders must meet a minimum height requirement of 1.3 metres, and a maximum height of 2 metres.

So for anyone over six feet, sorry but you’re outta luck. You’ll just have to get to your gate the plain ol’ fashioned way – on foot.