You can now be fined for wearing these in Cinque Terre

You can now be fined for wearing these in Cinque Terre

CINQUE TERRE — The fashion police are out in full force in Italy’s Cinque Terre, where new rules are putting restrictions on what tourists wear on their feet.

Known for its cliffside hiking trail that links a string of centuries-old seaside villages, Cinque Terre has now banned people from wearing flip flops while walking along its rugged terrain. Those who ignore the rule could face fines ranging from €50 (Can$75) to €2,500 (Can$3,775).

The Cinque Terre National Park Authority has launched a public information campaign warning tourists to not climb the cliffs without appropriate footwear. Posters and flyers advertising the fines can be seen throughout the villages, plus a warning has been issued online when tourists purchase a Cinque Terre Card, which provides access to the region’s buses, trains and trekking paths.

According to the Park Authority, the flip-flop ban comes after a string of visitors had to be rescued by mountain rescue teams. According to the Daily Mail, there has been talk about closing down certain paths in the area to help keep visitors safe.

Patrizio Scarpellini, director of the Cinque Terre National Park who spoke with CNN Travel, said that the Comandi Regione Carabinieri Forestale (a local law enforcement group) will help monitor the trails to inform visitors of the ban.

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