You can cuddle puppies and fluffy chickens at this spa resort
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You can cuddle puppies and fluffy chickens at this spa resort

SANTA FE — A couple of years ago, goat yoga nearly broke the Internet. Now, another animal trend has emerged at a Santa Fe spa resort that will likely elicit the same response.

Are y’all ready for puppy cuddles? How about chicken hugs? Both are available at Sunrise Springs, Santa Fe’s only destination spa that’s soon to be the new ‘it’ spot for animal lovers everywhere.

The resort has partnered with Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW) to offer a variety of on-site puppy programs, including ‘Upbeat Canine Play’, during which guests can play hide and seek and go on long walks with an adorable pup, and ‘Puppy Preschool’, where you can help a young dog learn a new life skill.

There are currently eight puppies on site, reports USA Today, and when they get too big a new litter will take their place. Each pup goes through 18 to 24 months of training during which they learn at least 90 cues.

For those who prefer ‘fowl’ play, Sunrise Springs also has a bevy of fluffy Silkie chickens on site that’s available for unique guest interactions. In the ‘Silkie Chicken Play’ program, guests “enter the playful realm of Silkie chickens as they coo, cackle and dance around the coop’, while ‘Connecting With Silkies’ allows you to feed and hold a silky soft chicken as a way to calm your nerves.

It’s been scientifically proven that pets and therapy animals can help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, something that Sunrise Springs is heavily invested in. According to its website, it aims to “create harmony amongst the four aspects of wellbeing” (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and blends fitness, nutrition, spa therapies and wellness services.

All that sounds great, but honestly, you had us at puppy cuddles. Where do we sign up?

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