What are the worst days to fly in 2016?

What are the worst days to fly in 2016?

What’s the best way to earn the trust of your clients? Save them money, that’s how. ABC Content Board, a popular news blog, has published its list of ‘The Worst Days to Fly in 2016’, specific dates every year when airline tickets jump in price. So travel agents take note and warn your clients of the following dates:

Worst Days to Fly – Domestic Trips

  • March 17: According to the site, this date is when spring prices increase so try to book Spring Break before then.
  • May 17: Prices jump again in time for the expensive pre-summer season.
  • June 10: This date is the final jump of summer.
  • July 31: This is the last day of higher weekday prices (although this date is actually a Sunday). “If you fly Aug. 1, you’ll find many weekday fares are lower than the week before. So wait until August to start your trip,” reports the site.
  • Aug. 22: This is the last day of expensive summer pricing. According to the site, as of Aug. 23, fares drop to the lower weekday levels.
  • Nov. 23 and 27: These dates bookend U.S. Thanksgiving and are traditionally the most expensive days of the year to fly due to demand.

Worst Days to Fly – Trans-Atlantic Trips

  • March 17: Fares to Europe jump slightly on this date, which marks the end of the winter season.
  • May 17: This date kicks off the pricey international summer season.
  • Aug. 22: Hold off booking a trip until Aug. 23, when fares drop as airlines begin their fall season.

ABC Content Board used data that includes airfare prices for 15 major cities across the United States for seven-day trips. For more information visit abccontentboard.com/the-worst-days-to-fly-in-2016/

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