The world’s tourism slogans, all on one map

The world’s tourism slogans, all on one map

The world’s tourism slogans, all on one map

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TORONTO – Just think about what slogans have done for global brands like Nike and McDonald’s and you’ll realize how effective a few words can be. But coming up with a good slogan is harder than it looks, as many tourist boards can certainly attest to.

British company FamilyBreakFinder has unveiled a zoomable map of tourism slogans around the world, proving that when it comes to capturing a destination’s spirit in less than five words, some are better at it than others.

Many countries rely heavily on alliteration, like ‘Brilliant Barbados’, ‘Inspired by Iceland’ and ‘Live Love Lebanon’, while some fall back on grandiose claims like Denmark’s ‘Happiest place on Earth!’ and Australia’s ‘There’s NOTHING like Australia’.

Some slogans are a bit of a mouthful, like Suriname’s ‘A colorful experience…exotic beyond words’, while others are succinct and to the point, like Cape Verde’s ‘No stress’ and Kiribati’s ‘For travellers’. History is a common theme, with Egypt’s ‘Where it all begins’, Israel’s ‘Land of Creation’ and Peru’s ‘Land of the Incas’ playing up their respective pasts, as is natural beauty, like Montenegro’s ‘Wild Beauty’ and Uzbekistan’s ‘Naturally irresistible!’.

Wales and Spain show their tech-savvy sides with the hashtag slogans ‘#FindYourEpic’ and ‘#spainindetail’, respectively, while Ukraine, Slovenia and Morocco had some fun with words with ‘It’s all about U’, ‘I feel sLOVEnia’ and ‘Much mor’.

Others are a bit of a headscratcher, like Hungary’s ‘Think Hungary more than expected’ and South Africa’s ‘Inspiring new ways’, while others leave no room for misinterpretation, like Tanzania’s ‘The land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti’ and Nigeria’s ‘Good people, great nation’.

As for Canada’s ‘Keep exploring’? We think it perfectly captures the country’s endless beauty.

Tell us, what’s your favourite slogan?