You won’t believe what this Scottish airport has been approved to do

You won’t believe what this Scottish airport has been approved to do

GLASGOW — With all this talk about closing borders dominating the news, one tiny airport in Scotland is turning back the clock to a simpler time when airport security was virtually non-existent.

Acting as an example of hope in today’s turbulent times is Campbelltown airport in Southwest Scotland, whose new streamlined check-in process has just been approved by the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority. Now, passengers who depart Campbelltown need only verbally declare that they’re not carrying any banned items – including sharp objects, firearms and liquids in containers over 100 ml – to fly.

According to The Telegraph, two other facilities in Scotland – Barra Airport and Tiree Airport – have also introduced the new check-in arrangements.

Aviation security expert Philip Baum said that screening does not have to be performed by X-ray systems. “Where better to perform behavioural analysis than in a community where the travellers are known and where baseline behaviour is easy to identify?” reports Traveltalk.

However, concerns have been raised about terrorism, The Independent reported. David Avery, a negotiator with professional services union Prospect, said: “Even with planes the size of these, which are very small, when they’re flying over urban areas, when they’re flying over oil depots, the size doesn’t particularly matter.”

Tell us, would you get on small plane knowing that no security checks were in place prior to boarding?