Woman who said suitcase was broken into simply took the wrong bag
People wait for baggage at the Miami International Airport

Woman who said suitcase was broken into simply took the wrong bag

MIAMI — American Airlines passenger Anna Knight said she was “robbed” of all her belongings in her checked baggage.

But not only was her stuff missing, the thief had refilled her suitcase with random airline equipment, including harnesses, crew member uniforms and work boots.

Well, that’s weird.

According to PEOPLE, Knight, a manager at the Delano South Beach hotel, made the discovery earlier this week after landing at Miami International Airport. She was incensed, naturally, and went so far as to speak to the police.

In a series of angry tweets that have since been deleted, Knight called for a boycott of American Airlines.

“NEVER fly with @AmericanAir again,” she wrote on Twitter. “All of my items were taken out of my luggage and replaced with airport equipment, & all they did was tell me to fill out a form. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Pls REPOST & don’t book flights with them!”

In a Facebook post, Knight also claimed that she had packed US$8,000 worth of items in her bag. “Priceless souvenirs from my trip GONE!” she wrote.

Knight tweeted on Thursday that the police were investigating the incident and that she was “in tears” about the whole thing. We would be too if we were robbed of thousands of dollars worth of stuff.

But here’s the thing… the luggage Knight had retrieved at the airport wasn’t hers. She took the wrong bag off the luggage carousel.

It’s a case of mistaken bag identity!

A spokesperson for the TSA confirmed to PEOPLE that after investigating the situation, they found Knight’s pink suitcase perfectly intact at Miami International. It was never mishandled by TSA, nor was it broken into as she had claimed.

Knight herself posted a follow-up tweet, saying: @AmericanAir found my bag. It was just a mix up, and I apologize for the confusion. Thank you all and AA for helping me locate it. The Jet lag must have really taken its toll. I was going crazy.”

Let this be a lesson to all to always use a luggage tag.

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