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Windstar’s new Voyage Collection brochure highlights 50 new itineraries

SEATTLE — In keeping with its upscale approach to all things cruising, Windstar Cruises has unveiled its new 2019-2021 Voyage Collection, a beautiful full-colour brochure featuring 50 brand new itineraries.

In total, nearly 700 cruise and cruise tour dates are available now through 2021, with 330 ports of call around the world visited and over 2,500 shore excursions on offer.

Moreover, the boutique cruise line’s deployment expansion includes the following regions in 2018: Alaska; Canada & New England; Asia including the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan; increasing Northern Europe sailings with more visits to Norway, United Kingdom, and Greenland; while 2019 saw more ports in Japan, cruises to Indonesia, the U.S. West Coast, and Mexico.

In 2020 and 2021, Windstar will sail to: Australia & New Zealand; South Pacific Islands; Western Caribbean featuring cruises homeporting from Miami; Central America; and expanded Mediterranean sailings to Israel and Egypt, as well as returning to Istanbul, Seville, and the Corinth Canal, with more to come.


“It’s been fun work for our talented team adding more than 200 new ports of call in the last couple of years. Being a leader in destination delivery, we know that the ports we visit and how we visit them makes all the difference. We’re up to 330 ports and 2,500 shore excursions and place a monumental effort into designing cruises with more time in port and more overnights. Offering longer cruises on smaller ships, we take an uncommon approach to travel, allowing guests to discover places on a more personal level, in an authentic and culturally immersive way,” says Windstar President John Delaney.

According to Delaney, the Voyage Collection brochure is also meant to be a resource for industry partners.

“Travel advisors are vital partners in helping our guests channel their travel aspirations toward a specific region and experience, and to determine the best way of achieving their vision. Our brochure is an effective tool for our travel partners to use,” he says.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll read about in the brochure:


Windstar has three tiers of tours: Essentials, Concierge, and Beyond Ordinary collections. There are over 2,500 options to choose from, including ‘Signature Expeditions’ that offer biologist-led excursions by kayak and Zodiac launched directly from the ship.


Meals onboard Windstar’s ships include fresh local ingredients, often selected by the ship’s chef on a trip to a local market. There are multiple onboard dining choices with open seating, no surcharges, and no dress codes. Readers will get to know Windstar’s own star corporate chef and learn about the cruise expert behind Windstar’s new wine list.


Windstar has six small ships carrying fewer than 350 guests. The brochure highlights the cruise line’s US$250 Million Star Plus Initiative, which is revitalizing its three all-suite Star Class ships with new dining experiences and two new restaurants, expanded spa and fitness centre, and 50 new suites including a small-ship first – the Grand Owner’s Suite featuring an open living/dining room and spacious veranda.


The Voyage Collection showcases Windstar’s expansion to an entirely new continent and region: Australia and New Zealand. Explorations of Auckland and Sydney are available onboard the reimagined Star Breeze, an all-suite ship, while the Wind Spirit will make an epic South Pacific roundtrip trek from Tahiti to Singapore.


Next year, Windstar will return to Asia after a one-year hiatus with Southeast Asia and Grand Japan country-intensive cruises. It’s also adding destinations like Indonesia with sailings between Benoa (Bali) and Singapore.


Guests can explore other new destinations, including Miami – a first for the line – which is part of the 2020 Star Breeze Star Plus maiden voyage. In 2020, wind Spirit will call for the first time on Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga and the Cook Islands. The 2020 Alaska season will feature first-time visits to tiny ports like Petersburg and new scenic cruising to the massive Hubbard Glacier. In Europe, cruisers can opt for themed-cruise events like SAIL Amsterdam or the Grand Prix of Monaco, or sail to returning ports in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, France, Israel or Iceland, to name a few.


This special collection allows travellers to combine multiple itineraries into a single trip. The brochure presents various Star Collector combinations in an easy-to-digest format that helps guests compare nearly 200 options, all with complimentary laundry service.

To receive a copy of the 2019-2021 Voyage Collection, visit

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