Who are the most annoying people on a plane?

Who are the most annoying people on a plane?

TORONTO — We’ve all been there, stuck in a middle seat, squished to within an inch of your life, or behind a fellow passenger who’s reclined their seat fully into your lap. Ahh, the joys of air travel. With daily horror stories emerging about in-air fist fights and drunken rages, it seems that flying has become an incredible nuisance that many people would gladly avoid.

To perfectly sum up the many grievances of air travel, Expedia has released its Airplane Etiquette Study, which ranks the top 10 offenders often found on flights. A total of 1,019 respondents were pooled in the U.S., complaining about everyone from seat-kickers to chatty passengers.

So, are you guilty of being any of the 10?

Here is the full list of etiquette violators, as reported by CTV News:

1.    Rear seat kickers – 61%

2.     Inattentive parents – 59%

3.     The ‘aromatic’ passenger – 50%

4.     The audio insensitive passenger – 50%

5.     The Boozer – 45%

6.     Chatty Cathy – 43%

7.     Carry-on baggage offenders – 38%

8.     The Queue Jumper – 35%

9.     The Seat Recliner – 32%

10.  Greedy overhead bin taker – 32%

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