Where to say ‘I do’? Suggest these wedding destinations that go beyond Vegas

TORONTO — When it comes to the world’s top wedding destinations, Las Vegas will always be top of mind. But for couples looking for something other than the glitz and glamour of Sin City, the 2020 Destination Wedding Index has identified nine other romantic spots to say ‘I do.’

Compiled by Flowercard, the Index compared various destinations based on a number of factors, including hotel prices, ‘Instagrammability, and LGBTQ+ friendliness to reveal and overall ranking.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Here are the top 10 Wedding Destinations, each of which has been given an overall weighted score out of 100:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. (70.01)
2. Sydney, Australia (68.67)
3. Majorca, Spain (67.47)
4. Perth, Australia (67.45)
5. Brisbane, Australia (67.00)
6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (64.81)
7. Loire Valley, France (64.14)
8. Valencia, Spain (63.80)
9. Cannes, France (62.10)
10. Madrid, Spain (62.01)


Loire Valley, France

The top destination for each factor was also revealed, showing where couples should jet off to if they’re looking for picture-perfection, sunny skies and an LGBTQ ceremony:

Most Instagrammed: Hawaii, U.S.
Highest Search Volume: Las Vegas, U.S.
Cheapest (5-star hotel room): Loire Valley, France
Most Expensive (5-star hotel room): Florida Keys, U.S.
Driest (least rainy days per year): Los Cabos, Mexico
Warmest (average temperature year round): Nha Trang, Vietnam
Top 3 for LGBTQ+ Score: Franschhoek, South Africa; Cannes, France; Loire Valley, France


Nha Trang, Vietnam

To see the full Index go to https://www.flowercard.co.uk/blog/the-2020-destination-wedding-indexRio.

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