What’s your sign? Zodiac-inspired trip ideas

What’s your sign? Zodiac-inspired trip ideas

TORONTO — Whether you’re an adventurous Sagittarius or a water-loving Cancer, your next travel destination could be written in the stars. Style and trends website Astral&Opal has put together a list of the best trips for every zodiac sign.

Machu Picchu is perfect for thrill-seeker Aries travellers, says Astral&Opal. “Being governed by fiery Mars gives you that extra edge and urge for exploration that other signs can lack.”

For Taurus travellers, it’s not so much about luxury as it is about qualify. The site suggests Amsterdam: “No one loves to roll around in the flowers quite like you do … so head to serenely beautiful Amsterdam where you can indulge in nature and the comforts of delicious food and beautiful architecture.”

Tokyo’s frenetic pace and 24/7 shopping, dining and nightlife appeals to Gemini’s energetic nature. “Your mind moves at a million miles a minute, Gemini, with enough energy to light up a city.”

Serene Hawaii and its pristine waters is just the ticket for travellers born under the sign of the crab. “Head to the water, Cancer! A calming and relaxing few days by the ocean will do wonders for your inner tranquility.”

For Leo travellers, there’s Rio de Janeiro. This larger-than-life city appeals to Leo’s big personality: “Fun, exuberant and bursting with life, Rio would make the perfect spring vacation.”

Meticulous, reliable Virgos like a certain sense of order, and style. Paris is perfect for this sign: “No one appreciates elegance and style quite like a Virgo does, so why not head to the most stylish place in the world?”

Libras are naturally even-keeled, but the grind of workaday life can get even the most balanced people down. For this sign, suggest languid, soothing Greece.

Havana is still shrouded in mystery for many travellers, and that makes it all the more enticing, even for Canadian vacationers already familiar with its charms. Scorpios with their swirl of strong emotions might just find they gravitate to the Cuban capital.

Sagittarius people are natural travellers, born with a restless spirit and a love of new experiences. Morocco could be the perfect fit. “How far off the beaten path can you go Sag? The arid Moroccan deserts will speak to your natural wanderlust and inspire you with [their] gypsy vibe.”

For cultured, sophisticated Capricorns, there’s Rome. “No one knows the value of hard work quite like you do, and the old adage ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ speaks to your soul unlike any other.”

The symbol for creative Aquarius is a water-carrier, and that fits perfectly with Norway and its 450,000+ fresh water lakes. It doesn’t hurt that Norway is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Pisces are “the natural escape artist of the zodiac” and for this dreamy sign, often the further away a destination is, the better. How about Bali?: “Heading somewhere that feels like a million miles away from your routine scenario will be especially pleasing.”

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