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What would you do? Passenger snaps pic of dirty feet dangling above her head

TORONTO — If you thought chair-kickers were the most feared passengers on a plane, think again.

One woman who goes by the username u/Addian4 on Reddit, recently shared a photo on the online platform of a pair of dirty bare feet dangling above her head while on a flight. The icky feet, which belonged to the passenger behind her, were perched atop the headrest.

“This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane,” the woman wrote alongside the photo, which was posted in the forum r/mildlyinfuriating.

Though the woman’s face is not entirely shown, her eyes say it all – she is frightened, troubled and downright confused.

Other Reddit users were outraged on her behalf, with one person who goes by NiroLeiksMemez saying, “Nah bruh im calling up animal control this aint a human.”

Some people offered tips on how to solve the problem. ASpellingAirror wrote, ‘I’d draw on the feet with my pen,” while ablandreverie, finding inspiration from ‘Toy Story’, was more specific, suggesting she “write Andy on their foot.”

And Dennis_2000 contributed this gem: “Order something to eat and use the fork to poke the feet.”

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