What would you do? Alaska man gets trapped inside shed by “aggressive” moose

ANCHORAGE, AK — Remember the bear in Alaska that was breaking into all those cars at the airport? Well, there’s another rogue animal on the loose that Alaskans need to worry about, this one seemingly unafraid of getting up close and personal.

A Ring home security camera captured Curtis Phelps, who lives in south Anchorage, being approached by a curious bull moose while taking out the garbage. Upon seeing the animal, Phelps quickly – and calmly – hid inside his shed while the moose, with just one antler, tried to push his way inside.

While trapped, Phelps called his wife, Amy, with his cellphone but she ignored the call.

“I thought he was just accidentally calling me,” said Amy. “I had no clue that the poor thing was stuck in there.”

Phelps then called his 13-year-old daughter inside the house. She wanted to keep sleeping and ignored his call, too.

On his third call to Amy, she finally picked up. She heard Curtis yelling and looked outside but could not see him. She finally figured out he was in the shed.

“He’s like, let me know when I can get out of the shed,” she said. “I’m stuck in the shed.”

Amy told him the moose had crossed the street and he could come out.

According to Amy, the encounter occurred at about 11 a.m. on Jan. 11, when the family was having a lazy Saturday at home. She had placed a garbage bag on the front porch, at which point Phelps decided to take it to their locked shed.

“He said he walked out and he looked both ways as we always do and nothing was there,” she said. “All he wore was his hat. He had his cellphone, though.”

Thank goodness!

Moose are regular visitors in south Anchorage, however they are generally not aggressive, said the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. But if irritated or threatened, they can deliver deadly blows by kicking, usually with their front legs. More people in Alaska are injured by moose than bears.

Amy said she’s not sure what this particular moose was thinking as it walked toward her husband.

“This one seemed kind of aggressive,” she said. “I don’t know. You can’t trust them.”

With file from The Associated Press

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